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009. 7 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Home Birth

Planning for all the costs of having a baby can feel totally overwhelming.

Is it just me, or does the list seem endless sometimes? Car seats, Baby Carriers, and Diapers, Oh My!

Are you wondering how to manage it all without breaking the bank?

Well, I've got your back, because today, I'm diving into 7 simple ways to save money on your home birth.

a photo looking down on  a desk with a laptop, notebook, and calculator on it with the blog title written across it that says "7 Simple Ways to Save Money On Your Home Birth. Jessica Smith,"

Let your money worries take a backseat, and instead allow yourself to focus wholeheartedly on the miracle unfolding before you.

Just as every contraction leads to the birth of your baby, each of these money-saving strategies brings you closer to achieving a home birth that's not only beautiful but also budget-friendly.

So, let's get started with Tip #1!

Someone's hands writing in a notebook and pressing buttons on calculator - as if they were working on a budget

1. Budgeting: The First Step in Saving Money For Home Birth

I know. Budgets. 😒

But before you can start spending (or saving) you gotta know your baseline.

To the best of your ability (even if it's a ballpark number), add up the expenses you already know you will have for birth. Things like: midwife fees, doula fees, childbirth education classes, birth kits/supplies, tub rental, postpartum care, etc.

If you have any savings you're planning to put toward the birth already, subtract that from your total. Now you have a rough estimate of the amount you need to save. This allows you to prioritize your spending and allocate your funds accordingly.

Saving money on a home birth starts with knowing exactly what you need to budget for.

Someone looking through a rack of pretty, second-hand dresses

2. Get Thrifty: Embrace the Secondhand Market

You want only the best for your baby, but I encourage you to think of gently used baby items as hidden treasures waiting to be discovered!

Saving money on home birth essentials doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Not only can you find barely-used items for a fraction of the price, but you're also giving your child the gift of a better future by keeping these items out of landfills!

Explore local yardsales, consignment shops, and online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace for gently used baby clothes, furniture (crib, changing tables, etc), slings, and toys. You may even score some great maternity clothing finds! Look for seasonal sales and bundle purchases for additional discounts.

You might also consider organizing a baby gear swap party with friends and family – it's a fun way to exchange outgrown clothes and gear and connect with other parents, all while saving money on a home birth.

colorful cloth diapers overlapping each other to make a circle

3. Diapering Solutions for Savings

The cloth diaper vs. disposable debate can feel like a battle between convenience and cost.

While there's an initial investment for cloth diapers, consider it a long-term home birth cost-saving strategy.

And imagine how nice it will be to pay for diapers ONCE rather than every few weeks. 🤯

Unlike disposables, cloth diapers are reusable, saving you significant money. Plus, you'll be doing your part for the environment (again! Go you!) ;)

Explore different cloth diaper options (pre-folds, pockets, all-in-ones) to find what works best for your family. Cloth diaper rental services are also available, allowing you to try cloth diapers before committing to a full purchase.

This may all feel a little overwhelming when you start (what's a pre-fold??) but I promise it's not as confusing as it sounds. I cloth-diapered my first baby and really didn't find it difficult. This website/guide was an invaluable resource for me when getting started.

4. The Magic of Borrowing:

two boys in a nursery playing with toy cars - perhaps handed-down to them by a child who outgrew them

They say it takes a village!

Think of your community as a part of that village supporting your growing family!

Borrowing from loved ones fosters a sense of community and allows you to access essential items without the full purchase price.

Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors with young children to see if they have baby gear they no longer need. Clothes, high chairs, and strollers are just some examples of items you might be able to borrow.

Take a photo of your generous lender and the item you're borrowing from them so you have a digital log of where to return each item when you're done with it. And consider returning the favor to another young family when the right time comes. :)

5. Explore Rental Options

Cute baby clothes hanging on a rack and waiting to be rented by a savvy parent who is trying to save money on a home birth

Just like renting a tux for a wedding, you can now rent specific (expensive) baby items you only need for a short period, like an infant car seat or newborn clothes.

Many companies offer short-term rentals for equipment like strollers, cribs, high chairs, car seats, breast pumps, or clothing in various sizes.

This is a fantastic option for saving money on a home birth because it allows you to use necessary items without committing to the full purchase price. Explore rental options in your area and compare prices to find the best deal.

6. Accessing Free Community Resources

Children doing motions to a song like at a library class or preschool

Don't underestimate the power of free resources available in your community!

Local libraries often host baby story times, breastfeeding support groups, and educational workshops for new parents.

I started going to library story time when my son was just a baby and we still love it five years later!

These programs offer valuable advice, connections with other parents, and support for your home birth journey, all at no cost.

Additionally, programs like WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) offer nutritional support and breastfeeding education for low-income families.

Take advantage of these free resources to save money on a home birth while gaining valuable knowledge and support.

7. Embrace Minimalism: Focus on What Truly Matters

a minimalist nursery with just a crib and a few toys and a rug - signifying a clutter-free nursery for a family trying to save money on a home birth

Imagine a calm nursery environment that fosters a connection with your baby, free from clutter.

Resist the urge to overspend on unnecessary baby gadgets and gizmos.

Instead, focus on essential items for the first few months like diapers, wipes, a safe sleeping space, and comfortable clothes.

Babies thrive on love and connection, not an abundance of "stuff."

Embracing a more minimalistic nursery is a powerful way to save money on a home birth while creating a nurturing environment for your little one.

So there you have it:

  1. Set a budget

  2. Get thrifty and purchase second-hand

  3. Consider cloth diapering

  4. Borrow from your village/community

  5. Rent big-ticket items that you'll only need for a short time

  6. Check out the free resources in your community

  7. Embrace a "less is more" attitude when it comes to all the baby gear

Saving money on a home birth doesn't have to feel overwhelming. By following these 7 strategies you can definitely find some more wiggle room in the budget and hopefully, some more peace of mind too.

Remember, a beautiful and empowering home birth experience doesn't require breaking the bank. It's about creating a loving and supportive environment to welcome your little one into the world.

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Don't forget to download your free copy of 'Before the Bump: Advice You Need to Know Before Baby.'

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