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Craving a Home Birth Filled with Joy & Confidence?

Ditch the Anxiety and Embrace the Joy for a Calm, Confident Home Birth.

Are you feeling a bit anxious and unsure about your upcoming home birth? 


Do you want to really feel confident and empowered throughout this incredible journey into parenthood? 


It is my mission to provide you with  knowledge, care, and guidance every step of the way, giving you the ability to embrace this journey with absolute confidence, loads of joy, and memories to treasure forever. 


Together, we'll make that dream birth experience of yours a reality!

First things first! I've got a pregnancy guide for you called Before the Bump: Advice You Should Know Before Baby Comes.  

Grab it now to go beyond conventional wisdom and get practical tips and support so you feel confident and prepared before the big day arrives.

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The Home Birth You’ve Been Dreaming of is waiting for you


Here's How I Help:



In-depth Home Birth Education so that you approach your birth feeling informed, confident, and empowered




Physical and Emotional support throughout labor so that you can handle the intensity of contractions with ease and look back on your birth experience with overwhelming happiness. 



Courage, support, and training on how to advocate for yourself with your care providers so that you can confidently stand up for yourself no matter how your birth unfolds.

During the most vulnerable hours of my adult life, Jessica made me feel safe, valuable, competent, and heard.

She also helped me in ways I had not anticipated. During the most difficult moments of pushing when I said, “This is so hard!”, she responded with “You can do hard things!”. That simple affirmation is just what I needed to persevere with strength and courage. Every laboring woman deserves to be treated with the same kindness with which Jessica has treated me!



Hi, I'm Jess!

You know what I'm really passionate about?

The incredible power of home birth. 

I'm super dedicated to guiding expectant parents like you through a safe and empowering birth experience. I truly believe that birth is a wild and untamed adventure, but also a precious, intimate, and sacred moment in your life. And guess what? I also believe that every family deserves to have that empowering environment that respects your autonomy, values your choices, and honors your journey.


So here's the deal: I'm here to provide unwavering support, expert guidance, and a nurturing presence throughout your entire journey. You'll feel empowered, safe, and heard every step of the way. Trust me, I'll be there to make sure you tap into your inner strength, embrace your confidence, and create beautiful memories as you welcome your little one into this world. ✨

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